I wonder if alongside the desire to police female sexuality there is also a deep seeded theological need to never value a person more than a fetus because to do so would be to trap the birthless, timeless Christian soul into just another animal born within Creation. Harold Bloom calls them “unwitting Gnostics,” because they follow the ancient heresy of believing that the Creation and the Fall were one and the same event. “To be told that they evolved from a common ancestor of themselves and of apes is no better or worse for them than to be assured that they all descend from a single African woman. What wounds them unforgivingly is not the idea of evolution (in whatever version) but the insinuation that they were never God, or part of Him. Their sense of their freedom depends ultimately on being free not only of time and of nature but, more secretively, being free of the very Creationism they urge on the rest of us…They therefore value the unborn over the born, the innocent and spiritual godlike fetus over the newborn babe who has fallen into the material world of poverty and sickness.”

Painter and Art Instructor at Haskell Indian Nations University

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